Who we are

We’re not only designing molecules, we’re aiding in contriving molecules.

As the craft of drug design rises to evolve, we’re recognizing the need to develop thoughtful molecules. We design preliminary/post-research schemes on modelling and biological activity for clusters of molecules. We streamline your molecules into capable potent drugs and also manuscript your research work.

What we do

Medicinal Chemistry

Provide scienific support for the developement of high efficient series of molecules by employing evidence based strategies.


Provide customized services in the vast field of Bioinformatics from early phases of target identification, classification and develoing biosilimar conformers, through rationalizing the genome analysis.

computational chemistry

With the immense experience and globalized vision, we provide the comprehensive services extending from initial chemical modeling to high-end molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics for the elucidation of molecular and mechanistic insight of drug actions in the target protein environment.

publication services

Owing strong publication history, we provide publication consultation including development of manuscripts and also planing for publication across therapeutic areas and transdisciplinary fields with high probalility of acceptance.